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What is something that needs to be said?

1. If you don't get married, have children or buy a house, your life will be extraordinarily easy. But not many people do this, because what people spend their whole lives in pursuit of is something more important than mere enjoyment, but also a sense of social identity.

2. If someone do not take the initiative to learn, he will certainly be eliminated by society. Be sure to learn more about a new skill and knowledge. As long as you put your mind to it, it is all learnable.

3. The matter of interpersonal communication, do not need too many methods and techniques. As long as you can provide the other person with the value he needs, you can get the value you need and you can still get along well with him.

4. No matter what truths, experiences or methods you have known, you can't understand them when your thinking cognition doesn't reach a certain level or when you haven't experienced them. Or you think you understand, but the truth is you don't.

5. There are more poor people in the world than you can imagine, and more rich people than you can imagine.

6. The people who can make money are very good at searching and finding new resources. You can't just pursue stability without searching for new opportunities at any time. Even if you have a stable job now, you still have to have your own Plan B.

7. As long as you give up a thing completely, then that thing will never be able to trouble you.

8. For most people, no quick yes means refusal.

9. The essence of debit and credit is to overdraw your quality of life tomorrow to enjoy the moment.

10. Many people are single, mainly for two reasons, one is that they really do not want to be with someone, the other is that they are waiting for the people they can not match.

Thanks for reading.

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