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5 Reasons Why Relationships Are Not Working in This Modern Age

Living in a modern world, everything has been modernized. Even family and relationships are taking the trend and becoming modern.

This, however, is leaving negative impacts in people’s lives. These are the reasons why modern relationships don’t last:

1. We are not prepared for it. We are not ready to make sacrifices and compromise our personal interests for those of the relationship.

 2. Most people are looking for that thrill and not necessarily love. We want someone to hang out with, not someone who understands us.

3. We are too pre occupied with other things and will hardly concentrate in the relationship like for example always working late.

4. We would often rather spend a lot of time with different people in a single day than just take time to be with that one person.

5. Technology has brought us too close to each other that we even don’t miss each other, we are constantly on the phone talking when we meet, there is nothing to talk about

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