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10 Signs Someone Is Using You

They say you should always check on your friends list. It really hurts to know that someone who we all adore and respect aren't real friends in our life. In times like this of today world, it's easy to know who are real people for us. Sometimes we see this signs but we tend to shy away from the truth at first or we ignore.

As a matter of fact, until you face a difficult situation and truly take a deep analysis of your friends circle you will just realize how they will present to you in terms of help during that hard time.

If you feel one of your friends are using,see the following list of signs.

- your friends doesn't call unless he/she need something from you.

- you do everything with them to make things but when the fruits comes out, they give the little as possible.

- they never seem to be thinking of you.

- they knows little about you and aren't interested in knowing more about.

- they speak poorly about you to others.

- when you have crisis they disappear.

- you only hug out with them under some situation.

- they manipulate you if they don't get what they want from you.

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