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I Was Admitted In The Hospital For One Year My Wife Abandoned Me And Got Married

Pastor Yohana Kayanda has painfully narratated his life story on how his wife abandoned him in the hospital where he was admitted for one year and got married when he needed her the most.

According to him is that he was born in Tanzania at a place called Mwanza. He says that his mother died while giving birth to him since he had no one to take care of him a good samaritan took him from the hospital and started taking care of him.

He claims that,they were living happily but after some days later she started mistreating him ,he was overworked, beaten mercilessly and he could go to bed without food.

He says that one day he was beaten brutally luckily one of their neighbors heard him crying while she came to rescue him and since he had severe injuries in the whole of his body, he was taken to the hospital for treatment and after some days, he was taken to a Catholic children's home in their village.

While they became good friends with one of the priests in the church,unfortunately that priest was transferred to another church for a church mission and from that day his life changed completely,he became lonely since he had no one to talk to.

He claims that,he went to stay in the street where he started begging for coins and used them to buy food,he says that, one day he went to beg in the church,he was given some clothes and a house to stay in and he started sarving in the church.

According to him is that, he did a church wedding and married officially.One day he was coming home from town his car lost control completely, he was involved in a fatal road accident,he was rushed to the hospital by a good samaritan and since he was severe injuries he was taken in the ICU.

When his wife saw his situation she gave up on him and abandoned him in the hospital and got married to another man and when he called her phone number it was answered by a man who claimed to be his husband.

After one year he was discharged from the hospital and since he had no where else to go to ,one of his neighbors took him to her house and started taking care of him until he was able to walk again.

He says that, he has already forgiven his ex wife and what she did to him she shouldn't do it to someone else.

Content created and supplied by: Takiah (via Opera News )

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