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84 year old grandpa returns home after 47 years ago only to meet his 2 wives married and this makes

People tend to go away from home time to time as the situation demand. Family disagreements are commonly the root of separation. It is a sad story of a man who left his home forty seven years ago and finally returns home.

After his return Paul met that his two wives who he had married already got married again. The two wives left with Paul's five children. Paul left his home in 1974 where he went to look for a job but eventually he did not return home.

Paul is not happy at all after he returned home yesterday. This is because on his arrival he was notified that his two wives got married. According to the media reports, Paul expected to receive a warm welcome to his home by his children and wives. Unfortunately, Paul did not receive what he expected which made him sad.


Do you think the wives did the best thing? Or should they have waited for their husband to come back? Share your views concerning the family, don't forget to share,like comment and follow for more updates.

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