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Top Three Things Men Must Consider before Paying School Fees for their Lovers

Men have found themselves in an imbroglio state after spending up to their last coins on paying school fees to their lovers just to ensure that they please them. While it's a good idea basing on the contemporary society's perception that education is the key to good life,men must consider the following three things before attempting to do so;

Man's level of Education.Considering that education elevates ones status,it's quite reasonable that a man should have a higher level of education than his lover. Ladies can develop a sense of superiority over their male lovers basing on their education status. It will also be uncomfortable for her to introduce you to the friends hence opting to leave you for someone else of her status. Its awkward for a lady who studied Engineering to introduce a teacher or a small scale farmer as her lover or husband.

Your Wealth Status.There is absolutely no reason why you should struggle to pay fees for her when you are also struggling to make ends meet. This will help you cope up with any disappointments that may befall you if she decides to part ways. The monies being used for fees should be some leftovers that you can do away with. While offering to pay,you should be able to perceive it as more of an assistance to her than a commitment.

Possibilities of a lasting relationship and marriageMen should not pay school fees for ladies as a way of trapping them in to love affairs. A lady may accept your offer because you're only relieving her from the financial constraints. It will be appropriate if you pay for the one who has already accepted to love and willing to marry you anytime

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