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How to make a woman miss you

Making a woman miss yiu can be very easy if you know how to do it. This is very important in making her realize her feelings for you. Here are ways to make her miss you.

1. Follow your passion.

Put your efforts into following your passions. Make them your first priority above her. This will make her realize that she cannot do without you. This way, she will easily miss you.

2. Change your behaviour.

Try to be a little bit different from what she is used to. This will make her wonder what is going on with you. If you are the same all the time, she will not be able to miss you at all.

3. Be mysterious.

Mystery plays an important role in making a woman miss you. Be a little bit mysterious around her. This will leave her wondering what kind of man you really are. This way she will easily miss you.

4. Limit your answers to her.

Do not be that guy that is always there for her when she needs you. Sometimes keep your distance and limit how much you respond to her. This will easily make her miss you.

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