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Characteristic of a Girl Who Loves You Secretly and Will Never Tell You

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At some point a girl fall in love with you secretly and will never tell you since you will perceive her as cheap and they don't want that.

She might feel shy or afraid to express her love, but you can understand by certain signs she secretly loves you. Once she falls for you, she would like to spend some time with you and keep on trying to know what you think about her,whether you love her back?.

The following are signs that a girl loves you secretly;-

1.Eye contact,she always make direct eye contact to you whenever you meet.

2.Frequent calls and messages, a girl who love you will always text you and call you frequently to check on you

3.she want to be near you, she will always want to be near you ,she will visit you more often and enjoys time being with you.

4.she boosts you up,she will always tell her friends the best side of you ,She never lets you down, tries her best to make you feel good this confirms she madly loves you.

5.Shares everything with you. She priors you more, and it will let her express all the good and bad things that are going on in her life.

6. Always asks you many questions,if a girl is interested, she questions you a lot often. She takes more concern about you and your life next to your parents.

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