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Four Red Flags To Never Ignore In A Relationship

A red flag is essentially a sign that goes off when something is not right and tells you to steer clear. In case of relationship these red flags will show up when the object of your affection does or says something that collides with your beliefs and makes you question the relationship. Sometimes these signs may be less extreme or crystal clear. The three signs are discussed below:

1. Physical Abuse

This is where one inflicts pain on their partner.

2. Verbal/ or emotional abuse

Verbal and emotional abuse have as much weight as physical abuse, here alot of negative words are used making you feel like you are the problem, like you are crazy or you make the other person act in a certain way. In a healthy relationship you support and encourage one another.

3. Possessiveness

Possessiveness ranges on a broad spectrum from normal to unhealthy. A little jealousy now and then isn't the end of the world, but when the possessiveness is towards the other person is connected with hostility,anger, narcissism,threat or rage, that's a red flag and especially if it gets worse with time.

4. Gaslighting

This is a type of manipulation that is used to maintain control over the other person by actively denying the truth about the reality. The person on the receiving end starts to feel disoriented and akes them question their emotions and intuition.

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