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Things That Every University Girl Should Avoid Doing In The Name Of Love

In campus that's where you get too much influence and pressure to do what you've never done. That's always an opportunity that comes once in lifetime whose main purpose is to help you grow. However, some make a negative use of it by indulging in very indecent activities which ruin their lives.

The core business is to study and achieve the best academic goals not to prove to the world how social you can be. The only best fame you can create is being successful in life, the other fame is just a wastage. 

Young ladies go to university with a very pretty fine idea of being the best women in the society. The kind of influence and company they meet there determines their final fate. Most of them get wasted and forget the aim of being a student. That's how dreams are shut, never to be recovered. 

Therefore I want to share with you some of the various things you should avoid doing in campus especially when in relationships. 

1. Remaining in a toxic affair. 

I see ladies suffering in toxic affairs just in the name of love. Which love are you getting there? Is crying every day true affection? If a man doesn't treat you like you deserve the right treatment then no need of being there. They say love is blind but at some point open your eyes and see it in a different way. It means no sense being in that relationship where you get flogged, slapped, abused and used like a doll.

My dear sister, don't say you'll never get another man after you let monster boyfriend go. There are better guys out there who understand the value of a woman. If it worsens don't hesitate to part ways and move on to a better life. This is the reason why we have endless cases of murdered university girls. These toxic men have no heart to feel your pain so they end up killing you. 

2. Fighting with other girls for a man. 

It's the worst love scandal which ruins your reputation. In such incidences people capture videos, post on social media and then it spreads all over. What's the joy of having yourself ashamed to the world? It alters the real image of you, painting it with a negative impact. If a girl snatches your boyfriend it's either you handle it peacefully or just leave. No need of causing public chaos in the name of fighting for love. 

This is the bitter truth, I know it hurts but better have it in mind before engaging in such situations. Just live a calm life that gives you peace and happiness. Adhering to these two tips will make your campus life more sweet and successful. 

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