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Here are 6 signs to know if a Lady Truly loves you

You must closely observe a girl's movements to determine if she is truly in love with you. When a girl loves you, she will begin to act differently.

Here are six signals that a girl actually loves you.

1. She seeks your opinion. 

She will always ask for your input when she needs to make a major choice, regardless of what it is about. If she doesn't respect or appreciate you, she won't ask for your counsel. The girl has a positive impression of you and wishes to be your partner.

2. When she picks up on your feelings.

 She will make every effort to understand your feelings. When you're angry, for example, she'll try to figure out what's wrong and find a method to help you feel better.

3. When she tells you the truth. 

Because she wants you to trust her, the girl will always be honest with you. When you ask her for her opinion, she gives it to you straight. You are someone special in her life, according to the girl.

4. She also devotes some of her spare time to you.

 She tries to spend her free time with you or interacting with you when she has it. It demonstrates that she prioritizes you. If a female isn't interested in you, she won't spend time with you. Only a girl who genuinely cares about you will make the effort to see you.

5. When you're in public, she initiates physical contact. 

When she sees you in public, she'll most likely do something that breaks the “touch barrier” between you and her. She'll offer you a warm hug and countless kisses.

6. Everything revolves around “we.”

 The female will always try to involve you in her life, saying things like “We'll go together” and “We're not leaving now.” If she is dubious about you, she will not use the word “we” if she has no feelings for you.

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