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'My Wife Dreamt That She Saw A Polythene Outside And She Ran And Left Me With Our Three Kids'

In an interview done by Switch television earlier today, a man named Dennis shared his experience on how his ex-wife left the home one day and would never return.

The man started by saying that he used to have a job back then in 2011 and was working in a dentist laboratory. The job was doing well and he was able to support his family. At that time, he had been married for 9 and a half years together with his ex-wife. They had three children already.

However, one day his boss decided to change career and decided that he would no longer do dentistry. This meant that Dennis would lose his job. His wife was a stay-at-home mum who didn’t have a meaningful job.

So, he says when the wife learnt about him losing his job, she just packed her belongings and left the homestead. However, there is a background to her leaving. Dennis says that she had been caught cheating severally but still decided to forgive her since he valued the unity of the family more.

Even in one of those nights before she left, the woman had a dream that she saw a black polythene bag with clothes inside and wondered if the husband wanted to divorce her. Dennis says that he urged her to pray over the issue.

This dream would later come to pass as his wife carried her clothes in a black polythene bag and left. The couple was set to do a wedding during their 10th anniversary but this would never come to pass as she left just six months to the 10th anniversary.

She was later married by another person and Dennis has been a proud single dad for nine years now. Below is the link to the story on YouTube.

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