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Men, Here Are 7 Things That Will Make Her Be Addicted to You.

1. Be confident enough.

Women don't like shy guys and they will be attracted by your confidence. Sometimes you may find it difficult to get out of nervousness, but as a man you should put in more efforts even if it means faking it.

2. Do not depend on anyone. For a woman to fall in love with you then she must be sure that she will be taken care in a good manner and provide her with what she needs.

3. Be neat and presentable. You should look smart by dressing well and make your hair clean. Take a shower regularly to ensure you don't annoy her. This will really impress her and she will always want to be with you.

4. Don't disclose everything.

Do not tell her all about yourself. Try and make other things be a secret and work hard towards making her happy. You will be so boring when you disclose everything about you. 

5. Act like a gentleman. Try to take good care of her by assisting her with the house chores such as washing, cooking and even taking care of the children.

6. Make her laugh always. Put a smile on her face by having some sense of humour. Create some jokes that will leave her in joy all the time. She will never think of staying without you.

7. Give her an ear too. Listen to her when she is talking to you. Women love those men who hear them when they are expressing their views. In simple terms attract her by being a good listener. 

What do you say about this? Let me hear from you too.

Content created and supplied by: @Kennedy_Ayekha (via Opera News )


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