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Age Does Not Affect Any Relationship

Age is just a number and does not contribute anything in a relationship what matters most in a relationship are the following : honesty , responsibility , love , communication ,respect, care and trust only if a relationship has the above qualities then there is nothing to worry about because that relationship already has a strong foundation and it can never fall whether the partner is older than the other or the other is younger .

Age doesn't define love in any relationship the only thing it contribute is respect only. Respect is also one of the qualities needed for a strong relationship .

The reason why most relationship does not last is because of their is no trust between the partners .

The reason why I choose the above qualities for a strong relationship is because:

Communication being one of the qualities needed for a strong relationship is because it builds a bond between the partners if your partner has done something wrong you correct him or her , or maybe something isn't working well in your relationship you talk and find the reason for your quarrel or disagreements in your relationship.

Secondly :respect is also a virtue needed for a strong relationship because it helps one not cross his or her boundary in a relationship you respect each other and also understand each other's thoughts .

Thirdly : love this is the most important virtue needed in a relationship . The love that one shares with his or her partner can not be defined by age . Age is just a stage that everyone must pass by it .

Another quality is care in a relationship,

partners should be caring of each other despite one be the older and one be the youngest .

Another virtue is responsibility : it's really needed in a relationship no matter what happens in a relationship . Each partner at least is responsible of what is happening in your relationship whether good or bad . It can make the relationship build the relationship or break it into pieces.

Last but not least a strong relationship needs trust. This is needed because the partners will not to suspect their partners on certain behaviors in this aspect even if the man or woman is older than the other their is no problem and no issues in their relationship. Trust brings them closer to each other and the parents of the partners will not have to worry about them and because of this they can build a perfect home .

Lastly honesty this virtue is compulsory in any relationship

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