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Love and Money. What is the problem in this 21st Century

Now they say love is strong and runs through the veins, but in recent days that is not. Many young ladies especially in their twenties and early thirties go for money. You stop at any town or street and ask a lady "Love or Money" the answer will be money accompanied with a kind of plastic smile.

You probably have heard of scenarios where a man pays for his "partner's" school fees and eventually they break up immediately after her graduation and she goes to marry another successful man.

Well that was the case of Hilda a lady from Dodoma .She met Jay when she was hustling as a waitress in a small cafeteria, Jay was a regular customer in the cafeteria . The golden smiles and a warm service made him to wanna talk to Hilda.

Weeks later they had known each other. Turns out that Hilda was a college dropout who was struggling to raise school fees. Jay decided to pay for "The Apple of his Eye" the school fees

Now I don't understand what happens with people after they change environment and meet new people. The previous situations becomes a thing of the past.

Hilda hooks up with another guy during her final year and eventually changes her mind about Jay after her graduation she weds another guy that is two months after graduation. Now when I talked to her she said Jay was not her type.

My question today to the ladies, Why do you go for money instead of love. comment we learn together

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