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Proof that she is in love with you

In this modern generation, it's very hard to know if someone has a true love for you . Many people tend to focus more on other things such as wealth and power over love. On the other hand, the ones who have true love for each other, have enjoyed the fruits of the same. They have been with each other even in difficult times. This is what life relationship or marriage is supposed to be to avoid single parenthood or having children out of wedlock. Below are some of the few things that proves to you that a girl loves you genuinely.

1. She always wants to spend time with you.

2. She keeps checking up on you to make sure you are okay.

3. She tries to tie her future to yours by engaging you in her serious life decisions.

4. She does not entertain other men as she has set boundaries just to make you happy.

5. She cares so much about you and she is always there for you.

6. She sometimes feels jelous when other women entertain you.

7. She is happy when she is around you.

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