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Why you should Normalize Snooping at your partners Phone

Happy couples: How to keep your relationship healthy

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If somebody asked you you, Why do you insist on snooping at your partners phone what do you say in response? What type of conversation comes up thereafter? Tell me is it a healthy or unhealth conversations?

Before we get answers to these questions lets go back to how relationships were before the invention of phones, maybe some of you were not born. But just try to picture how was relationship and marriage life? Many will say that during those days many families seemed stable and partners seemed very secure. it was on the onset of mobile phones that a single phone call or text would arouse a series of questions in marriage.

Snooping through your partner's phone might break your relationship

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By this point how many marriages, and unions do you think have crumbled with the fingers pointing at mobile phones?

Okay let me rephrase this question to; How many good marriages have you herd of that have gone down due to phone related wrangles?

15 Relationship Experts Explain Why Snooping Is A Terrible Idea

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According to my understanding, opening up and snooping at a partners phone should be normalized to reduce incidences of insecurities of who is he/she talking to? or what does he do when online? This will become a recipe of healthy relationships.

Therefore whenever he or she wants to peep, let them do it since it is for the good of the union.

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