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Husband and wife relationship

Woman Tempted to Seek 'Help' From a Young Man After Husband in Late 50's Denied Her 'Bedroom Act'


Being in a relationship with the right partner is a magical bonus and a good feeling since you will have someone who understands your feelings and respects you the right way. Men are expected to satisfy their family 'needs' at any given time hence creating more bond in the relationship.

A 48-year-old woman has opened up on the problems she is going through in her relationship highlighting that her husband has denied her conjugal rights. According to the woman, her husband in her late 50's is loosing interest in making out with her hence and it has been 4 months since they 'made out'.


The woman decided to share her predicaments with two of her friends in which one recommended that her husband should visit a counsellor while the other recommended that she should look for a young man to help her quench her thirst. The woman was also given a contact of the young man who will be of help to her and one weekend she decided to reach out to the young man and she enjoyed her company.

The woman is in a complex web of confusion because the young man has shown signs of being ready to be in a relationship with her but she is afraid that she might bring problems to her marriage if she starts double dealing. The woman has been trying to talk to her spouse to seek a long term solution to his problem but he has shown no signs of interest.

Do you think this marriage can last?.....What is the best advice can you give to the woman?.....Share your views in the comments section and follow us for daily updates.

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