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2 things you should not tell anyone if you want to succeed.

They say fake it tillyou make it.Life can be really back stabbing the people you trusted the most end up turning against you.Mostly when it comes to money,even your family will betray focus on yourself let them notice it you dont have to go telling them all about your progress.

Your uncle wants to see you in the streets begging, your cousins dont want you to drive that heavy machine, the streets dont want to see you succeed so try to make yourself proud, and dont tell anyone your next move.

The two common things that people hate are this and they will always aim to bring you down.

1. your next move.

This should be between you and yourself.Nobody wanna see you progress, just beleive in yurself do your own thing and shock them. If you keep telling them about your progress they will try to destroy it and make you feel like you dont relly deserve it.they will loose your esteem and make you loose motivation on what you had a dream to do.

2. your family life.

if you a celebrity or anything try to avoid putting all your information to public, respect their privacy and dont give them the pressure that the also need to be seen in all media places.

3.your salary.

even your family should not know what you earning or even how much you get.Its not because they will steal from you but because they will just aim to use all your money forgetting you also have your own responsibilities.

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