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Don't Share These Secrets No Matter What

1. Never share your bank details with her.

Things like your account balance must not seen by anyone including your wife. Your pin and password should be kept private since no one can be trusted, after a small disagreement with your wife can lead for you to be bankrupt in one day.

2. Do not share your previous relationship with your ex


This will cause your wife not to trust you anymore. Because anytime their is a conflict between you two it will always be linked to your previous relationship. Do no reveal that to your wife.picture courtesy

3. Do not reveal your family secrets to her.

Some of the secrets are supposed to be kept within the family only. In case you share them they can be used against you. It's good to trust your wife but don't over trust her for your safety. Always keep your family secrets with you alone.

4. Don't tell her the names of girls you previously agreed to marry before you met her.

A lady will never forget names of girls you were dating if it happens to know them. Please don't reveal the names to her she will never forget them. Anytime she sees any name like that in your contact list it will bring conflicts the the family.

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