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How To Treat your Lover.

These are ways to follow to make your lover feel treated like a queen and have a good life together as one.

1. Make good Compliments to her: Let your woman know how pretty her face is, when you like her outfit, how much you love her or appreciate something she did for you. TELL HER. Considering men are from Mars and women from Venus. We function differently, we think differently, we have different perception and view points, so it is natural there is going to be a little disagreement, sometimes more than others. A lot of this can be avoided by simply saying what is on your mind.

2. Make her feel Appreciated: Recognize all the things she does for you, it is a lot. When you ingnore the little things that your partner does for you. Your life together, you are starting adding Cement and Bricks to wall of indifference and conflicts between the two of you. On the other hand, expressing gratitude and offering self sacrifice will forge a strong bond.

3. Make her feel Valued: Listen to her thoughts, Opinions and suggestions. Discuss big decisions with her before making them. Sure sometimes you will disagree once you express to her that you value her input and think about ways to get on the same page rather than be defensive, that is listen to your woman, she is intelligent, she wants what's best for you. And that is why you married her up in the first place.

4. Make her feel Desired: Respect her as much,Celebrate her. The person you fall in love with will redifine the word. “Beuty" for you; your definition becomes what she is, so make her feel like it. Your woman deserves to be sexy and desired when she is with you. Give her a playful booty squeeze when she is looking good. Buy her gifts on fun occasions like birthday, anniversaries. Have sex somewhere new and spontaneous. Send her a flirtatious text. Give her kiss that means something rather than just a quick peck on the lips as you run out the door. She is your Queen.

5. Make her feel HEARD: When your woman is expressing something that makes her feel sad, mad, stressed, it is important not to write it off as silly or “dramatic." When your woman feel heard in her thoughts and feelings, communication opens up even further in your woman, a safe space where she can share any and all emotions.

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