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Divorce Affair

Six forms of infidelity every married couple should know

Infidelity, or cheating is the act of being unfaithful to your spouse or partner. Most at times, people believe that infidelity is when you have sexual activities, or romantic affairs with another person who's not your partner. But there are many forms of infidelity apart from sex.

Here are other forms of infidelity that you should be aware of.

1. Giving your primary loyalty to someone or something other than your spouse.

If you are giving your Primary loyalty to someoneelse, your parents, religion, career, and your friends, ahead of your spouse, you're actually committing an act of infidelity.

If you can grasp this responsibility to give our first and best loyalty to your marriage, it would instantly and dramatically improve.

2. Keeping secrets from your spouse

In marriage, secrets are as dangerous as lies. Marriage must be built on foundation of total transparency and trust. You must prioritize trust and transparency in the marriage ahead of your personal privacy. Everytime you hide something from your spouse, know that you're committing infidelity to him/her.

3. Emotional affairs

Emotional affairs may lead to sexual affairs, but they are also acts of infidelity themselves. They take place when we start secretly seeking affection and attention from someone other than our spouses. They always begin innocently with a natural connection you share with someone at work (or wherever), but lines can be quickly crossed.

4. Sexual affairs

Sexual affairs wreck marriages. This is probably what jumps to your mind when you hear the word 'infidelity ', because it's the ultimate act of broken trust and loyalty.

Having a sexual affair with another person is a huge act of infidelity, and it's not justifiable at any cost.

5. Not being there for your partner

Your spouse should not face any struggle without your presence, your support, and partnership. When you said 'I do', you were making a vow to be with each other at all times. To withhold your help or selectively choose your involvement based on your convenience, is to communicate disloyalty to your spouse, and to commit an act of infidelity . We show our love by showing up.

6. Threatening divorce

Lastly, when we threaten divorce, or walking out of our marriages, we're are breaking the sacred trust that makes a marriage work. We're are saying our vows don't matter, and our commitment is conditional on our feelings.

You should view struggles in your marriage as an opportunity to work together to become stronger, and not as an excuse to quit.

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