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4 Contradictory Traits of the Male INFJ

After taking assessment on Myers-Briggs personality, it dawned to me that I’m an INFJ. Ever since, I have drawn a close affinity to my label of personality. It ain’t that I love being closed into a category but it made me feel less self conscious about how I am and how my perspective of view to the world is after knowing how odd I felt having gone through things different from others.

After knowing that I was an INFJ, my way of life made even more sense since INFJ males are most rarest type combination on earth. INFJ mal males about 0.5 or 1% of the entire population.

 I didn’t want to socialize in noisy or busy places because I have trouble following conversations and noisy places or crowded places drain my energy easily. However I always thought there must be something else, because I don’t fit the traditional male role. I hated friends and mostly, I would consider myself lonely or would withdraw myself if at all I found myself in a crowd. In school, I was so quiet and loved lonely affairs which made m focus precisely an solely on my studies and work.

Many male INFJs have characteristics that are contrary to the male stereotype. Many of them have learnt to hide those values under a bushel of shame and therefore, they become untrue to themselves. But however, if male INFJ embrace those characteristics they possess an ignore what society expects of the, then like light, they start to shine.

According to me, an experienced Male INFJ, the male INFJs can be sort of enigma and live a life full of contradictions. Below, are many contradictions that are specific to male INFJs while others be experienced by female INFJs to varying degree.

The Contradictory Traits of the Male INFJ

1. We’re not materialistic, yet we desire to surround ourselves with quality and beauty. Male INFJs rarely desire things and if they do, they have the best of it or go without since they may or experience a condition called all or nothing syndrome. They also value to be surrounded by beauty but this ain’t the ‘macho’ of traits.

2. We want close relationships, but we don’t want to make the first move. Just like introverts, male INFJs rarely enjoy being the core of attention. They crave for emotional connection and in-depth conversations with others. In order to experience that, they have to meet new people. Normally, men are expected to take the lead and make the first move,but however, the INFJ male’s quiet and reserved nature means they rarely approach others.

3. We care about how we look, but we hate superficiality.

Typically, men aren't into fashion or looks but most of Male INFJ love looking good and always keen to take care their appearances. Since we live in a predominantly materialistic, superficial and extroverted world that is indirectly proposional to our try nature, we need to embrace some societal ideals. After embracing, we now try to fit in an delve deeper into emotional sides.

4. We may come across as moody and cold, but we’re actually very sensitive and emotional.

Just as introverts, INFJ men are thoughtful and always reside deep in their heads. They are forever thinking of anything and everything and because of so, they can be easily distracted from the outside world and the people around. The internal dialogue we experience within ourselves, can make us cold, moody or demeanor. Our depth of thoughts com from deep emotional place an those who get close to u, see or experience this side of us.

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