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Here Are 10 Types Of Marriages

There are very many types of marriages that are defined by not just the union itself but by the nature of the union.

Below I highlight a few types of marriages that are there so that you might get to understand where you are and decide on where you need to go:

1. The Jericho Jerusalem Marriage: This is where you stay together but face opposite directions. Basically, the couple are pulling away in opposite sides and do not put any effort to look the same direction.

2. The Project Managers Marriage: This is a marriage that is glued together because of the tasks and responsibilities they share, and not by the desire to be together. Often, conversations are dominated by reports on undertaken tasks and questions on pending tasks.

3. The Bull Fighting Marriage: This type of marriage is just as the name suggests. It is dominated by tuff wars and territorial fights. Often the couple enter marriage with the mindset to do all they can to dominate the other while the other is fighting not to be dominated.

4. The Overlapping Marriage: This is the strangest one because it actually may seem like it is functioning, yet in reality it is the most chaotic marriage. Because the couple keeps undoing any progress made by the other, assuming that they have a better way of doing it. Couples like this have many dreams but never realise anything because they are always assuming they know better than their spouse.

5. The Bypass Marriage: This is the marriage that never resolves any issues. The couple is always good at burying issues and pretending that all is well. Bypass couples have mastered co-existing in conflict. They are the couples that surprise everyone with divorce or separation.

6. The Mystery marriage: This is a funny marriage because mostly it’s not clear if you are married or not. The general assumption is that you are married, but on the ground at home, things are not like you are married. You yourself you are unsure if you are married.

7. The Surprise Marriage: This is when you did not find marriage, marriage found you. Simply put, things happened that forced you to get married. The problem with this marriage is that there is always a lack of commitment, because the couple feel conned and have never really settled.

8. The Chess Game Marriage: This is the mind game type of marriage where the couple cannot talk straight. They are always trying to corner each other with statements and smart comments. It is not an aggressive kind of conversation, but feels like you are in a court session with a lawyer.

9. The Triangle Marriage: This is a marriage that has balance. Everyone has a role and God is the guide, as the couple meet at God. The couple is also not lazy to do their part.

10. The Third-Party Marriage: This is a marriage that clearly is not between 2 people. It has abnormal external interference. Everything about the marriage is known by outsiders. The interference can be from in-laws, friends, clergy, etc.

So which type of marriage do you have? Read this with a bit of humour. 

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