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Wife Throws Out Her Husband's Belongings Via Balcony After Knowing He Had An Affair With Her Mom.

Drama, A woman has disclose how she reacted after knowing, her husband had an affair with her mom.

A woman's names are Alyssa Mae. Going by the reports, Mae has confirmed how she was devastated after learning that her husband had an affair with her husband.

To make the matter worse, her husband had an affair as she was in the hospital, expecting a new born baby.

According to Mae, she came to learn about her husband and mom affair from her neighbors. These was after neighbors showed her pictures of her husband and mom, partying.

After seeing the pictures, Mae ended up consulting her husband. Shockingly, her husband didn't deny the allegations.

The husband accepted and told Mae that he had an affair with her mom but he's sorry for what he did. At the time, Mae was so annoyed and started throwing her husband's belongings via the balcony.

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Alyssa Mae Mae


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