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Divorce Affair

'I Prefer Using Toys Because Men Will Always Cheat' Makosi Grace Reveals During A Talk Show.

It will remain a matter of fact that every relationships faces ups and downs on daily basis and at some point the parties involved might think of giving up. What will make that relationship stronger is how the couple will handle every situation and so they have to be so mature since a small mess will definitely end everything. Many relationships nowadays break because of infidelity issues or lack of trust in the family. Today, Miss Tamima the host of 'Real Talks' in Switch TV hosted a lady called Grace Makosi and she really opened about her life most especially relationship matters. Grace said that she has had several heartbreaks something which made her even stop dating. According to Grace, her relationships became shaky due to infidelity issues and she said that up to now men cheat. According to Grace, she said a toy is better since she does not have to worry about infidelity matters. Grace said that she does not consider getting into a relationship anytime soon. According to her, living single is better than having a partner.

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Grace Tamima


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