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4 Powerful Steps To Capture His Attention On You Again

If your man isn't prioritizing you in your relationship like he used to, it means that there is something that is capturing his attention from him to drift from you. He cpuld be constantly playing video games or on his phone. Even when you are physically together, you feel that he is not present emotionally. This can make you feel disappointed, hurt and angry. You may feel that he is bored with you and might be slipping away from you. You need to capture his attention through the following 5 steps.

1) Go on date nights together.

You may be a part but when you start going on date nights together, you are likely to rekindle the love that you once had together. You need to interact together .Have some shared activities time and negotiated shared space time. Play video games, watch a movie ,go for a walk in the park together etc.

2) Do not talk about it all the time.

He will not feel like he is not spending time with you. If you have had this same conversation and nothing has changed then you have to stop talking about it. You have to get him engaged, talking about it without you having to remind him all the time. If he is not giving you the attention that you need, you don't have to be desperate for it.

3) Stop seeking reassurance.

When a man is not giving you the attention stop seeking for it -attention he is supposed to give. Stop constantly asking for his reassurance of his feelings. He may start feeling that you no longer trust him.

4) Keep your standards and expectations high.

If a man isn't treating you right, you need to walk away. He is not going to change. When he knows that you are willing to walk away, that is when he will begin to know your worth and treat you right. Always be happy.

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