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"No One Wants To Marry Us Because They Claim We Are Cursed" Gloria Narrate Painful Tale Of Her Life

Gloria and her siblings were born in a good health condition until an illness struck their family, one which they couldn't understand.

This strange disease started after she was scratched by a stick, leaving a small wound. She went to the hospital and she was put under medication to prevent infections.

But the small wound grew big and big everyday. The small wound made her legs grow swell each and every day until now that she can't walk properly and no one wants to be with them.

The funny thing is that the children who look like their dad, got this disease but those who look like their mum are healthy.

At this point, all the siblings who have this condition have been rejected by everyone and no one wants to marry them.

Gloria and her sisters want to know the root of this Condition. They want to dig deep and try to know what Caused this Condition and why it is only a part of their family who are affected and half of the other family are okay.

Their dad also has the same condition but it developed recently. He was not born with it and he was healthy until a stone hit hit, he scratched that area and the legs began to swell.

Their mother, despite being very supportive, she has a very hard time trying to support four of her kids with this unrecognisable condition.

Gloria believes that there is hope for them and is hopeful that one day they will get better.

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