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Marry Young and Enjoy These

According National Marriage Project’s ‘knot yet’, the average age for marrying has risen to (27 for women and 29 for men). While at 20s today you are encouraged to pursu education, careers and a freewheeling lifestyle before saying “I do” there is much to be said about choosing now-unconventional idea of marrying young. 

What many people do not understand is that you do not need every aspect of your life locked in before marriage. Once you have found your perfect match, set the goals and build together the life you have ever wanted to live. Here are some of the benefits of marrying young:

You are More Likely to Marry Someone With Whom You are Highly Compatible

A lot of folks put off marriage so they can shop around longer thinking that the more they look the better chance they will have someone who is just the right for them. As compared to those who marry at their old ages those who marry while they are still young will get the partners who are highly compatible.

You are More Likely to Describe Your Marriage as Happy

Considering you and your spouse are made for each other and mature enough for marriage in your 20s, you have a greater chance for marital happiness. A 2020 study found out that those who married between ages of 22 and 25 were more likely to describe their marriage as “Very happy”. More sex play a key role as well.

You Start Planning for the Future

Time is on your side with regard to starting a family at a young age, or you at least have the option to give yourself time in between each child. You can afford to invest in your marriage before adding children to the picture. You will also be more likely to do responsible things, like signing up for life insurance and investing your money.

You and Those You Date Will be Carrying less baggage 

When marry young you and your wife have less exes, old flames, comparisons and retroactive jealousy of each other’s past relationships to deal with. Every time you disagree with your spouse, the first thing to click in mind is the past relationship, you are comparing it with the recent one.

You Grow Together

It is often been noted that it is difficult to join two lives together when each party has been has been leading an independent life for long. He/she has been doing things with no limitations. When you delay marriage, not only do you become more set in your ways but your brain is more set too.

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