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Husband and wife relationship

Men, Don't Marry A woman With These Traits

The issue of choosing the right partner to settle with has been discussed over and over but it seems like people keep on going for the wrong choices. This is evident in the high divorce/ separation cases recorded each day. Surprisingly, this is happening when there is too much information about dating and relationships. Is it bad luck or the moral structure guiding marriage is weakened?

Well, today, I will be addressing men because they are known to be hunters. They hunt for the right spouse and bring her home. If men get it wrong in choosing their spouses, relationships and marriages break. So dear men, allow me to give you a list of women you should avoid like plague when choosing a wife.

She drinks more than you

If you take one bottle of beer and she guzzles seven, my brother run. She is absolutely not ready for a family or a serious relationship.

She prefers eating out to cooking

They say, the way to a mans heart is through the tummy. If she cannot cook for herself but she likes eating out in restaurants or buying take home food, let her be, she is not ready. Don't marry that one.

A flirt

Any woman who flirts with you while she is in another relationship and you hear a voice telling you that she is too good to you, please silence that voice. It is the devil talking you into deep trouble ooh!

Does not respect you

A woman who submits is naturally beautiful. If she does not respect you, she will never submit, please block your mind from thinking about her.

Too independent

A girl who is too self sufficient will never stay in marriage. Marry this one If and only If you surpass her in all areas of life: Career (if she has one bachelors degree please have more), moneywise (your wallet must be fatter), wisdom(ability to challenge her).

Indecent in dressing

Don't marry a girl who dresses half-naked. She will not settle in marriage.

One who is always asking for money

There are these girls who are always asking for hair, nails, rent and upkeep money when they cannot find a job to earn a coin. Aovid such! She will be a lifetime liability. Such girls are very lazy.

Beauty without brains

It is okay to be lured by beauty, but if she has not clarity of purpose, she will drain you. Don't marry her.

Marriage counselors and relationships experts will talk of other things but this list should always guide you

Content created and supplied by: JaydenLule (via Opera News )


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