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Impressions Ladies Look for During the First Date with a Man

We can all agree to disagree that dating in the 21st century has become so complicated. I mean, it is not like how it used to be during our parents' time, where they just met, got to know each other, got to know each other's families and then got married.

Nowadays it's more complex than that. There are actually levels to a relationship. There is the stage where you meet, then the talking stage, the situationship stage, and then when you both decide to talk about your feelings, it is now labeled as dating. Quite long, right?

The meeting stage is not much of an issue. You could meet literally anywhere, fate always has our backs on that one. But during the modern day, there is an addition of online dating, where people meet through online dating apps. But no matter the beginning, there's always that first date. This first date determines where the rest of the relationship is headed.

So as a guy, you obviously want to impress this lady you just met, because you like her and you want to date her. But, how do you do that? Like I said, this first date is pretty much the determinant of how long your relationship will last, so you need to put some effort here.

Below are some impressions ladies look for during the first date with a man:

1. Grooming and appearance

You know what they say; beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Very true, otherwise even the first date wouldn't have made it. How you dress, how you smell, how you keep your hair, can tell alot about you. I mean, this applies even in job interviews.

And a lady wants a guy who is properly dressed, smells nice and well kept, of course. A guy who has all these, is very attractive to ladies. No one wants to sit through a date with someone who's smells all sweaty and weird.

2. Your personality

That conversation that you have in the first date also tell alot about you. Ladies will be keen to look at that. Do you make an intelligent conversation? Are you a good listener? Or do you just interrupt someone when they are talking? Do you have any sense of humor? Ladies like a guy who can laugh and who can actually make them laugh. Such a guy is more comfortable and approachable to hang out with.

How you look at her, how you compliment her, is a boost in first impressions.

3. Your level of confidence

Confidence is a definite plus for every woman. Ladies like a guy who is grounded, who can speak his mind with sincerity, and stand his ground on his decisions. Every woman finds this attractive in a man. And the way you act, dress and talk, can speak volumes about your level of confidence.

4. How you treat other people

Most ladies are compassionate beings. And of course, all humans should be treated with respect and kindness. How your partner treats other people should always be your concern. No one wants to be with someone who is self centered, arrogant or talks to others with disrespect.

It just means that them being nice to you is all an act to get you to like them. Soon when you are deep in your feelings, their true self always comes out, and that's how you end up being in an abusive relationship. Not pretty, is it? You should save yourself while you can.

Those are some of the impressions ladies look for in a man on the first date. But I think it is best that you introduce your lady to a lifestyle you can maintain. Don't act nice on the first date only, come two years later you become unbearable to live with. Ladies, do you agree? Feel free to share your thoughts down below, like, share, and follow my page for more tips.

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