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Get any woman's number in less than a minute by doing this

There are pro moves that you can put into your style that will make you excellent when approaching women.Use these ticks to get any woman in less than one minute.This will help you avoid rejection and also be the guy that gets what he wants.

Make sure your outfits are well starting from fitness to cleannees.Have a nice hair cut then put up nice and good looking shoes.Do this every morning before you leave the house when you are going hunting for a woman.This will enable you to be on the right track and make things easier for you when making the first impression.

Now walk with total confidence with a fear smile on your face.Avoid too much smiling or too boldy type.This will make you look more friendly.Walk like a busy man who is going somewhere but keep in mind of the girl you are going for.Now go to her with confidence without looking back.Put a smile to avoid scaring her.

Once you get to her say hey and introduce yourself to her.Immediately after that compliment her look and tell her that she is beautiful.Give her the chance to respond to you.Be a charming type to make her smile more so that the conversation gets interesting.Now it is time to cut short when it gets sweet to make her yearn for more.Now tell her that you were busy going somewhere and you would like her number.

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