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Woman in a Bar Goes For Different Men to Satisfy Her 'Thirst' After Her Lover Left Pill in Her Drink

A middle-aged woman at a local bar in Embu Town left many in stitches after she did unthinkable acts in public, it is said that her boyfriend put a pill that enhanced women to want to engage in the act without necessarily touching or suggestively approaching them.

According to the people who witnessed the action, the man who was having a drink with his woman at a local entertainment joint accused her of being unfaithful to him. After the argument grew bigger, the man secretly put the enhancement pill in the woman's drink unnoticed then left the entertainment joint.

Despite her lover leaving the local bar, the woman chose to continue drinking her drink not knowing what was inside. Moments later after serious drinking, the girl started portraying abnormalities, she was in fire need of a man to satisfy her and this made her bump into a male raveller.

The man did not know what was going on, so he was a little bit surprised, the woman, on the other hand, cries for help as she walked outside the pub. She then fell on the ground crying, woke up then bumped into many men who happened to come her way. Police officers in Embu are investigating the scene and bring out what transpired.

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