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"My Husband Forced Himself on Our First Born Daughter And Threatened to Kill Her" Mum Painfully Says

Njeri not her real name has tried committing suicide several times after she discovered that her husband forced himself on their first born daughter when she was not at home and went ahead threatening to kill her if she reported him.

Njeri has been in a toxic marriage where her husband would brutally beat her for no reason and also cheated on her after they were blessed with wealth but she never thought that her husband would one day cheat on her with their daughter.

On this particular day, Njeri went to her parents home for her brother's burial preparation and left behind her daughters with their father not knowing she had left them with a beast.

For the one week she was at her parent's house, her daughter had been going through hell without her knowledge. When she went back to her matrimonial home she noted some changes and she went ahead and asked her daughter if there was a stranger in the house but she assured her mum that everything was fine.

Njeri's husband became very violent to a point of saying that he was going to date his daughters but Njeri never bothered because she had trusted her husband with their kids and she never thought anything ill of him.

Her husband chased her away and he was left with their daughters and this is when she became suspicious and interrogated her daughter who opened up on everything she was going through in the hands of the father.

She reported the incident and the case is currently in court. She has tried committing suicide three times and the third time, her 3-year-old son pleaded with her on not to kill herself.

Njeri is currently jobless and she has pleaded with well wishers to help her get her kids back to school since she has been sick and it has been a struggle for her to work.

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