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"People Call Us The World's Ugliest Couple" Man Emotionally Narrates

It is very inappropriate to judge people according to how they look. However, Madeline and Flodice have been facing harsh judgement since they started dating.

They are both burn survivors. Madeline had epilepsy when she was a child. One day, she was sitting near a fireplace with other children. Sadly, she felt dizzy and fell into the fire. Other children were too young to rescue her and by the time she was rescued, her face was completely burnt. 

She did not go through reconstructive surgery since her parents did not have enough money. 

From then, she couldn't go to school because all the neighbouring schools rejected her for fear that she'd scare other children.

Flodice on the other hand got burnt on his face when he was a child as he was trying to cook. He also had to stop going to school. When time came for him to marry, he proposed to many girls but all of them refused his proposal. Luckily, he met Madaline and decided to marry her because she had a similar condition to his.

Since then, they have been living happily but people call them the ugliest couple in the world.

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