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Sweet things you should tell your man more often

Most of the time actions speak louder than words,some words can make a man feel more loved and appreciated.

#1.Thank You

As simple as it may be,it means that you recognise he is doing something for you.If he is helping you make food and taking you out for dates ,it shows that he loves you and needs to be appreciated.

#2.I am proud of you

Everyone loves to hear this but it sounds a little bit different for men.When you say this it means that he has met a your expectations of even supersed them.

It means you respect and love them so much.

#3.I love you

This one does not require much explanation.Men like to be loved and also they feel good to hear this.But also avoid overusing the phrase.

As a lady when you say it look directly into his eyes to show them you mean every word .This makes them feel loved.

#4.I believe you can do this

Men Wang to hear that their partners encourage their endeavours.They mostly want to know that you have the faith in their skills and ability to succeed.

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