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Things You Should Not Do In The Name Of Love

It is so sad to see many people getting abused by their partners in the name of love and still putting up with them instead of taking action. Here are some of things that you should not do in the name of love.

1.Demanding to be treated fair when you aren't willing to do the same.Wherein one demands loyalty and respect but fails to do the same thus keep betraying their partners and then seek forgiveness in the name of love. This results to deminishing of a relationship.

2.Seeking revenge.It is ironic to see that people resort to vengeance. Instead of giving time to rebuild themselves. So they can walk away with pride instead of depending on their person for happiness. Revenge will never solve anything in a relationship.

3. Sharing partners secrets. Through love people are united and they start trusting each other .They also tend to share their secrets . However some people spill their partners secrets once their relationship is over. This shows your level of immaturity.

4. Putting your integrity on the floor in the name of love. Some people come up with things that they know their partner isn't ready for to do. And when that person disagrees to do what they wish for they start playing mind games thus they persuade their partners to fulfill their desires in the name of love. This is not good at all.

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