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A Lady Narrates How She Got Married At The Age of 13

Nelea and Jackline are sisters. Jackline is the elder sister to Nelea. The were separated fifteen years ago after their parents died.

After their parents died Nelea went to live with her elder sister because she was too young. At the age of 13 Jackline chased her younger sister out of her house and leads to Nelea getting married because had nowhere to go.

It is now fifteen years since she got married and had four children. She said that her husband is a caring father and she is not regretting married to him.

Jackline said that she chased her younger sister because she disrespects her. She beggs for forgiveness from her sister because it was anger that drives her to do that.

Nelea said that she is not ready to forgive her at the moment by because she is still feeling bitter in her heart. She claims that her sister destroy her life the time she chased her. She said that if her mother was alive her life would have not been hard the way she is experiencing.

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