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It is Challenging To Settle With A Mama's Boy - Benjamin Zulu advices Ladies

Benjamin Zulu advices ladies that a first born marrying another first born. Matures very first can think on the same level. First born lady dating the last born man is good but is a mama's boy. The First borns who has parental powers and are very serious in their lives. Last borns are focused but playful and can't talk on anything. When it comes into matters in relationship not a project balance your life. See whether the guy is responsible and determined to take care of a family. See how you can manage it not to drop your family until you let them stand on their own feet.

If the mother is on phone with him and doesn't give him space. Focus that is a red flag straight. Even if the mother just sneeze at midnight the man wake up. And rush to attend to her without informing the partner. If your partner has issues with his mother don't came in between them you are coming to sir children. You will never have peace in that family. Just tell him politely i'm not comfortable with the situation. To try to squeeze myself into your space. I don't have space into your life either change or leave alone.

Love is not magical power the moment you start interacting. And you realize your partner is too much to his mother. Dont be too much in love without seeing whether you can fit there. Don't go to a situation that is not workable. Check their personality trait and chareacter before relationship connection.

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