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How to make a man commit only to you – Do these 3 things and he will never leave you.

Before you read this article please follow me.

There is nothing very hard that women face like making the men they are in love with commit fully to them.

The task is not very easy keeping in mind that it can be frustrating every time a man keeps on giving many excuses on why he is failing to commit to a woman.

However, men always have their reasons as to why they might not be that committed to you.Below are 3 things you should do to make a man only committed to you.

1.) Don’t chase him

As a strong woman, you should know that the instinct to chase can be strong. That’s an admirable instinct, but you need to resist it.Showing interest is perfectly fine.But don’t get needy to chase him.

Take your time answering texts and keep social media interaction to a minimum.Your love interest will come your way if he’s attracted.if you stop chasing him a man will stay committed to you at all costs.

2.)Set your standards and don’t break them

When you let people walk all over you they often do exactly that.So don’t have standards that you stick to for everyone (even yourself) and keep them very consistent.

If this guy pisses you off with totally unacceptable behavior then call him out. Not in a nagging or bitter way, just honestly and straightforwardly.Telling him his actions are letting you down and you cannot accept.So if you set your standards a man will never go against your standards this will make him stay committed to you.

3.)Let him miss you

There’s no need to be around your guy 24/7 to get him to commit.Let him miss you once in a while. When he’s in love with you that feeling is only going to grow with your absence. So he will obviously start looking for you which is a sign of commitment to only you.

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