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5 Things You Should Say To Your Spouse Everyday

We are always told that in order to keep your relationship alive for long, you need to keep falling in love with each other. This includes marriages too. So how do you do this? You can't just get some chocolates and flowers for your partner everytime you are in the wrong. And even if you communicate, you need to watch what you say to them. No one really realizes the power of words in a relationship. I mean of course marriages and relationships are never easy. But with the following magic words, you will get closer, happier and healthier with your partner over the years.

"I love you"

These words are enough to make your partner feel loved, valued, respected and adored. It helps keep the spark and romance alive in your relationship. Sharing love on a daily basis with your partner is very important.

"Here's why I love you"

You could also try taking the 'I love you' further and saying why you do so. It will remind you why you love them so. It also let's your partner know that you see them and appreciate them.

"Thank you"

In a marriage or a relationship that has been on for a while, you both adapt to certain tasks. So it is easy to get lost in taking your partner for granted. This is why it is important to thank them daily. Appreciating something your partner does makes them want to keep doing the same thing for you.

"How can I help you?"

Helping your spouse with daily responsibilities builds up security and trust in the relationship. In a world where you feel stressed at every turn, it is very satisfying to feel the support of your partner. So even if you've had a long day, find time to help your partner.

"You are amazing"

Relationships are about contribution. Though it is not your job to be your partner's sole foundation of self worth, you can add or detract from their self esteem and self image. It does not hurt to have your partner tell you how great you are from time to time. And even though they are great at something, they won't know until you say it.

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