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These are Conditions You Must Agree With Inorder To Marry Any Lady In Saudi Arabia

Any man who fall in love with a lady, he usually struggle to do everything it cost just to be with that woman. In Saudi Arabia, for you to marry their woman, their is a platform based on questions and answers known as Quora, which they printed matters you must understand before attempting to get married to their ladies. This conditions include;

1. Your woman need to go to the Saudi government and get permission. Incase you are a man from other countries and you have a woman from Saudi Arabia who you want to marry, she will be required to get a special exemption from the authorities in order to marry a non-Saudi.

2. You should be willing to take drug tests. Legal guidelines of Saudi Arabia says that, any guy from outside the country who wish to marry a lady from Saudi, have to take drug test to be sure that there is no presence of any drug in his body. Presence of any drug in his body will lead to the marriage rejection.

3. You should not divorce her after marriage. Incase you are a foreigner and it happens that you divorce her, there is a high probability that your kids will be in custody of bride's family. It can only be validated Incase the bride's family is unfit.

4. Incase after marriage, and your kids get kidnapped using your wife, don't see it as a crime. If an infant is kidnapped by his Saudi father or mother from the spouse, the Saudi government don't view it as abduction and there are no repercussions.

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