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Woman Begs Men At a Club to Satisfy Her 'Thirst' After Her Boyfriend Spiked Her Drink

Dealing with a cheating partner is something which has troubled the society for a long time. This is because infidelity cases have been increasing rapidly.

So frequently and mostly like every day, we get to hear cases of a man found cheating or a woman caught pants down with the wrong person.

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Some people resort or leaving the relationship peacefully after realising they have been cheated on. Others are quite dramatic and before exiting the relationship, they cause lots of drama which attracts neighbours and other dramatic acts leak to the society.

In some saddening cases, other couples resort to harm and end up killing the estranged lover with others killing themselves as well. It this is a punishable act by law since it is a crime to end someone's life and attempted suicide is also punishable according to the constitution. It is therefore better to seek wise ways of dealing with a cheating partner.

In an interesting scenario, Embu residents were treated to drama in which a man resorted to deal with his cheating partner in a very unique and unimaginable way.

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According to eye witnesses, the man has had arguments with his lady over her cheating ways. It is then the man got to a bar with the woman, and ordered for drinks.

After some time, the man dropped a drug which enhances the need to engage in the bedroom act in the woman's drink without her knowing. The man then settled all the bills and left the club.

After sometime, the drug started to take effect and the woman was forced to run after various random men begging them to satisfy her need.

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