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Signs that a woman is not your crush but your obsession

There is a big difference between having a crush and being obsessed with a woman. Sometimes you might be thinking that a woman is your crush but you are just obsessed with her. Try looking at things from a different angle to determine the real feeling so that you can be sure. Here are some of the things that will help understand that you are only obsessed with her and she is not your crush.

1. You are always trying to prove something.

If you are constantly trying to prove that you are the perfect man for her or you are the one she should choose, then you are just obsessed with her. When you have a crush on a woman, you will just approach and talk to her. Stop wasting your time doing things that are not necessarily.

2. Always checking up on her

You may find yourself checking up on her on social media all the time. You might even end up stalking her everywhere she goes. This is a serious obsession that is never good for you.

3. You stop talking to other women.

If you find yourself stop talking to other girls and focusing a your efforts to one woman, then you are just obsessed with her. Having a crush on someone should not stop you from expanding your social circle. Keep talking to many women everyday so that you can have a number of options if she rejects you.

4. You think she is perfect.

If your find yourself thinking that she is perfect more than other women,then you have got a total obsession. Always keep in mind that no one is perfect in this world. This way you will hurt less if she rejects you.

5. You think there is a chance after rejection.

Obsession can make you desperate to the point you think that she is going to give you another chance. Some men still think that when a woman says no she is going to change her mind. This is not easy because if she says no then you are just going to force to like you.

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