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Husband and wife relationship

10 Things You Can do immediately after marriage

After marrying, you will have your responsibilities increased more than before. Immediately you marry or getting married, do the following.

1. Stop telling others i love you

You are now having your own family over which you must respect your partner. To avoid possibilities of cheating, stop telling others that you love them. The only person who deserves your true love, is your partner alone. Just respect others without mentioning "I love you."

2. Respect one another

Do not behave like boys and girls. You are wife and husband who must respect each other with dignity. Never do things that will hurt your partner in any way.

3. Respect your parents

You have the parents from both sides. They deserve great respect from the two of you. Never abuse or judge them negatively. Remember you are where you are because of them. Listen to their advice.

4. Spend time with your partner

Time is the most precious gift in our lives. The way we spent matters to our lives. After marrying, stop spending your time with idlers. Find time and spend with your partner and enjoy the present moment together. Show love to each other.

5. Keep away from unmarried friends

It is time to connect with like minded people who have responsibilities like you. Be close to married people for wise advice. Learn new experiences from them.

6. Set your marriage and life goals

Sit down with your lover, and decide what you want to achieve in your marriage. Design how you will live and have children. Think of the best ways to live a happy life in marriage. Lay down a way if solving problems.

7. Be ready to face chelleges head on

There is no even a single marriage without challenges which ranges from social issues to economic issues. Once you get married, be ready to face problems with solutions.

8. Budget wisely

It time to account for every coin in your life. Do proper budgeting with prioritie on basic needs of your family. Spend money wisely.

9. Be welcoming

Once you have a family, you have friends and relatives visiting you. Open your heart to welcome them. Make them feel safe in your home.

10. Work hard

No room for laziness after marrying. Work to provide and make your family happy. Each one of you have a key roles to play.

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