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Things You Should Not Tell Your Spouse

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When it comes to maintaining and keeping a relationship going, there is a big distinction between talking and communicating. In most cases, even the loving couples can make destructive miscalculations based on how they speak to the other. If not careful, these missteps can cause resentments, tension and eventually the dissolution of the marriage. 

According to an American counselling agency, Baltimore Therapy Group, it is not just insulting that can cost your relationship over time, even some of the harmless things you say to your significant other might bring problems. 

Here are the things you should not say to your spouse;

1. I can’t count on you

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It may seem like as though your spouse is letting you down all the times, but it would mean there is a ground laying breakdown in your love if you tell them you cannot count on them. 

The use of these words tells your partner that you are unable to see the good that they bring into the relationship. 

2. I don’t want to talk about it

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Though this may be possible when you are in a stepped-up emotional state, if you are not willing to share it with your partner then it could mean that you do not want to repair it. Shutting down a conversation brought up by your partner might prove that your partner is not important to you. It is advisable that you set aside time to talk later if you do not want to talk at that moment. 

3. You can’t be mad at me

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These words are needless and when said in an exchange usually bring more frustration and tension. Telling your partner what they should be angry about is hardly successful. 

4. I love this about my ex

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You should avoid this one at all cost. The outcome is not always a good one. Your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend could have been amazing, but comparing them to your significant other is not going to produce positive outcome. 

Though we may do the comparison in our minds, giving your spouse the details will create insecurities and defensiveness. 

5. Shut up

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You must have had problems when you said this to your parents and your teachers punished you when you said it to them. From that you should know that you should never tell your spouse to shut up. 

If you find yourself telling your spouse to shut up, then you have stopped communication. Both partners should have a chance to state their minds. 

6. I don’t care

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Even if you are not interested in what your significant other is saying, responding with I don’t care could hurt their feelings. “I don’t care” stops communication and causes a feeling of being insignificant. 

7. So and so’s spouse always does this

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It is never wise to make a comparison to your spouse even if there is a big distinction between your relationship and your neighbour’s relationships. Things could get worse so fast if the comparison is done in terms of what they do to their spouses. This statement is usually judgemental and could make the other person feel like they are not doing enough.

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