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Ease ways to approach a beautiful woman

Be chill

Approaching a stranger isn't the most chill thing to do because you are likely be interrupting them, their conversation with somebody, just be cool, be calm and be collected and if you are approaching her in oublic behave like she was your old friend inorder to get her attentions easily.

Ditch the pick up lines

Go straight to the point and get to know her organically, keep the flattery in you pick pocket and approach he rwith all the honesty and she will absolutely like you.

Read the room

Just oay attention what is happening around the woman of your interest if she's busy with chatting, take time beacause the key to flirting is timing ensure you pay attention to what is happening around to avoid rejection

Check her body languagefor positive inviting cues

Do not ignore it if a woman looks like she is unapproachable, if she is smiling alot it basically means she is inviting somebody to give her company so take advantage over this.

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