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Signs That a Lady is Falling in Love With You

According to statics and research results done, it is clearly evident that any woman who has feelings for a man will do anything to impress him so as to win his heart.

These are some of the major things to take note on when you see a lady with these characteristics on you.

A lady interested to know about your family.This is the first and foremost thing that will make you know that the lady is really falling for you. When you see a lady always asking about your family inside-out,they want to know more about your background she is really into something. A lady not interested in you will not bother asking such kind of questions.

A lady asking about your impression on female bestfriends.This question always sounds awkward to most men since it puts them in a dilemma. For example, when you are asked about friends with benefits. Any slight mistake when answering this question will make the lady leave or stay. Be careful when answering this question.

A lady interested in your financial status and the kind of job that you are doing to earn a living. Any lady that has feelings for you will be curious to know about your financial status and what you do for a living. She will be insisting to know the truth about your source of income. A lady who is only interested in your money will not bother asking about the truth of your wealth.

When a lady keeps on asking about your love life.When a lady keeps on asking about your love journey and the kind of ladies that you intend to marry just know that she is falling in love with you.

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