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He Almost Slit My Throat, Slept With My Best Friend and Cancelled our Wedding – Mwende

Mende Musyoka. [Photo: Courtesy]

There is a lot that happens in relationships and many are the times that it ends in a tragedy.

For Mwende Musyoka, she is glad that years ago, she recollected herself and move on with life despite reaching her lowest point as a woman in a savage relationship.

“He used to beat me every day. He tortured me in every way physically, psychologically…,” she writes in a touching Facebook post.

She recalls an incident where he nearly slit her throat after questioning him about sleeping around with their


Mwende’s ex-husband was a classic philanderer who moved with anything in a skirt. This tortured her emotionally to the point she felt that she is less of a woman.

“He disrespected me before all his friends and also his parents. I was already struggling with very low self-esteem, and this made it even worse. HE LEFT ME JUST BEFORE OUR WEDDING. I found him in bed with my best friend, and just like that, all plans were cancelled.”

This marked the beginning of emotionally harder times as two more people she dated thereafter ghosted her with the promise of a wedding.

All this came to a stop four years ago when her husband pursued her at a time she felt lost and drained.

Mwende is happily married to her husband of four years.

“I surrendered when the appointed time came…God finally gave me one with whom I didn’t have to force things with. He pursued me passionately and made me feel wanted for who I am in the depths.

“And 4yrs down the line, he still makes me feel like the QUEEN I am. Beautiful, honored & respected.”

She urged those facing rejection and other hardships in life not to lose hope because “heaven is listening and will always answer”.

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