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Tricks That Will Make Her Addicted To You

The tricks we are going to talk about here are not necessarily evil that's why have put it in clauses but it appears like it. The good thing is, they are very effective and not they typical thing that most guys do.

Generally, the idea here is to get her to chase you and you're not giving her all this attention. I know complimenting her feels so intuitive but when you're doing this, you are signaling to them that you're saying things just to get their attention. Try embrace the culture of minimal or to no compliments at all.

Not responding to her text messages for hours is the other trick, however, this will be different if you are married and you have kids together since it might be an emergency. To make this one effective, keep your phone away to avoid checking it every time.

A lot of guys don't know how helpful planning a date far in advance can be. I don't mean in a month but something like 'next week.' This will show her that you are busy and having enough fun with your life.

In addition, challenge her into being the woman you want to have. This makes her know that you would not just go for any woman.

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